How to win online jackpot slot machine in Philippine

Players who fancy slot machine will often choose jackpot one to play, because the high bonus is what all players want! Use less budget to profit more.

But please note that, no matter how hard we study the tips and tricks, luck still matters a lot in the game. Well get to know how to play is still nice. Read the 6 tips below and try the demo machine you will gain some knowledge before you officially start.

1st Controlled budget, controlled time

control time failure


control time failure

“Do not play for hours!” think about how much budget you can put into the games, jackpot machine often has a high betting amount.

perfect control budget


control budget failure

“How much loss is acceptable for me?” Money loss is definitely not a thing you want, but there are also loss win in games. Set up a stop loss point, if you met it, stop playing. Make the points into a situation “Budget/playing time.” If your budget is ₱5000 and you plan to play an hour, then you may not loss more than ₱2500 in 30 minutes.

“How do I do with my profit?” some player win big amount of bonus but later on they lose it all. You may ask yourself to save up the profit and not use them to bet again. Remember to look further into long period, but not lose all your budget at once.

2nd Know the rules, know the jackpot

jackpot heart

Player need to get familiar with all the jackpot game rules. Including how bonus accumulate, betting amount range, how to win bonus etc. Most of the time jackpot machine want players to bet the maximum amount. If you didn’t know the rules enough, you may get nothing back!

Besides these, know how each symbol works and the odds is important too, this is the basic of triggering the accumulating bonus and the key to win.

3rd Play fair, play safe

you should play be safe

When you are playing in slot online casino. You can pay attention on their reputation and money flow system, also read other players review, avoid those who get low rating.

If some error happened while playing the game, any profit and loss won’t be count. In addition, you may try out the demo machine to check if this problem happened, most importantly, a great casino will have great customer service to solve player’s problem.

4th Choose your machine

There are many kinds of jackpot slot machine. According to different brand and casino. It can be divided into Local Jackpots、Pooled Jackpots、Fixed Jackpots、Multiple Jackpots. Read our article for more information “What is a Jackpot?How jackpot game work in slots“get to know different type of machine to find the one that suit you the most.

5th RTP matters

RTP icon

RTP refers to the return to player, which refers to the amount of money the slot machine returns to the player, expressed as a percentage. This is a reference indicator for ordinary players when choosing a slot machine. Players usually choose a machine with a higher RTP. It is recommended to choose a machine with RTP 96% or higher.

But it should be noted that many people think that RTP is equal to the chance of winning. This is an incorrect concept. For example, RTP 95% is not equal to the 95% chance of winning, but the average winning value in a certain period of time, but how long is this period of time No one can confirm. The only thing we can be sure of is that high RTP machines can have more chances of victory when players invest in machines for a long time. This is something that low RTP machines cannot do. Please refer to our article “What is the Jackpot online slot machine?” for more information.

6th Try demo before you play

DEMO icon

The demo slot machine is also called “FREE GAME”. Players can try the slot game without registering, downloading, or investing money. This is good news for players. After all, our precious betting funds must be invested in us. If you can try hundreds of slot machines on your favorite slot machine, why not?

There are so many advantages to try demo slot machines: understand all the rules, experience game screens, free games, etc. Don’t underestimate this demo process. Once a player chooses his own slot machine, he has mastered the game on the one hand, and the psychological pressure is relatively small. With a sound fund control strategy, you will be more confident in playing, which is also one of the important conditions for winning.

Where can I play the best Jackpot slot machine?

You can visit more casinos, we recommend Nuebe Gaming and Hawkplay, it is quite suitable for all players to experience the charm of Jackpot slot machines.

Nuebe Gaming casino
Hawkplay casino

Nuebe Gaming and Hawkplay provide new member registration benefits, daily online tasks, get item cards, etc. Players can use these rewards to bring more rewards and increase your gaming experience of playing Jackpot slot machines. And we recommend the JILI slot machine, which is currently the most popular slot machine brand in the Philippines. It has three jackpots. Every week, new winners get the coveted rewards.


Jackpot slot machine is also known as “cumulative slot machine” which means that the amount invested by the player will be drawn into the cumulative amount to form a huge bonus, which will be won by a lucky player.

First, you must understand the type of Jackpot slot machine, and then you can see the amount of money you invest in. Pay attention to the amount and rules of the bet, and you are eligible for the first prize. At the same time, you can also refer to RTP, volatility, paylines, etc. to choose your favorite game.

Read the tips we provide above in detail. Remember, you must plan your budget and spread the risk to play Jackpot slot machines.

There is no doubt that the most popular Jackpot slot machine in the Philippines is produced by JILI, which has a wealth of models and awards.