What is Slot RTP?

If you play slot online casino, then you must know what Slot RTP is. The RTP of a general machine will fall between 85% and 98%, which is an important reference when the general player chooses a machine, the higher the value, the more beneficial it is to the player.

However, many people think that RTP represents the probability of winning. This is a wrong concept. RTP 94% does not mean that the probability of winning is 94% because RTP refers to the average value during a specific period, which may be 2000 times or tens of thousands. Secondly, no one can know this value for sure, but what is certain is that high RTP slot machines can allow players to earn more money when they continue to invest in game consoles for a long time, which is impossible for low RTP slot.

How is Slot RTP Calculated?

Simply put, Slot RTP = the total amount returned to the player / the total amount bet by the player (%).

What we know is at present is that the calculation process of the RTP value of the slot machine requires at least more than 1,000 spins. It is recommended that players can test various machines as much as possible, and record the total amount invested and won each time, to become familiar with slot machines made by different providers. This will be a great accumulation of experience.

You can choose at least 96% of RTP slot machines. In Nuebe Gaming, there are thousands of slot machines waiting for you to challenge, and the JILI Games has the most complete JILI slot demo game, allowing you to enjoy countless experiences.

Physical slot machine vs. online slot machine, which one has the higher RTP?

Which has a better RTP? The answer is, online slot machines usually have higher RTP.
Because physical casinos usually have more venue and management fees than online casinos, physical casinos need more remuneration, which will directly reflect the performance of RTP.
The RTP of a physical slot machine is usually 88% to 92%, while online slot machines are rarely lower than 95%. As of 2020, the industry standard is more than 96%, and online casinos cannot manipulate the RTP of the game at will, which makes most players feel at ease and reliable.

Slot RTP, Volatility, and Hit Frequency

In slot games, the two keywords we consider together with the RTP are volatility and hit frequency. Let’s get to know these three words:

RTP (Return to Player): Refers to the player’s rate of return, the percentage of money the machine will return.
Hit frequency: The probability of a winning combination in the number of spins, expressed as a percentage
Volatility: Refers to the frequency of winning and the amount the player pays, which can be simply expressed as “high, low, medium” volatility. The higher the volatility, the lower the frequency of winning, but the higher the chance of winning the jackpot.

Slot RTP, Volatility, and Hit Frequency

Basically, Slot RTP has nothing related to hitting frequency. But it has something to do with volatility, there are 2 common situations.

High RTP, low volatility:
This is the more common one compared to another. We had said before that “low volatility” means small but more win. In the statement of high RTP, we can assume that players can hit the paylines after a few tries. Although it sounds really nice, we still need to be careful about the budget we put in the slot game, to avoid irrational betting.

High RTP, High volatility:
It goes the other way around as the previous kind. You won’t have too much winning chance, but if you win, you win big. This kind of machine is less, and you need to have more patience to wait to hit the payline.

Is there Any Risk Playing a High RTP Slot?

Basically high RTP slot game does not have much risk, one thing to remind you is that this kind of slot machine may not have free spin or jackpot, those are in the low RTP slot machines. In this case, players must master the rules of these machines, or choose slot machines with different volatility according to their favorite game method. If you are a beginner, it is recommended to choose a machine with low volatility and high RTP to get more reward opportunities.

Where can I Find a High RTP Online Slot Casino?

The highest RTP slot machine is 777 by JILI. Read “Top 10 slot machines with the highest RTP in 2021” to get more information. And you can find these online slot machine on Hawkplay or Nuebe Gaming.


A:We can choose at least 96% of RTP machines, usually, they can get more chances of winning.

A:You can find it on the official website of the slot machine, or directly enter the keyword from the search engine: slot machine name + RTP, there will be a lot of information you want.

A:A medium RTP average value is 95% to 97.99%, less than 95% is usually regarded as low RTP, and high RTP is above 98%.

A:Nuebe Gaming has thousands of online slot machines, not only suitable for beginners, everyone can easily find high-RTP slot machines from them. JILI’s machines are recommended. Judging from the average high RTP and excellent reward system, they are all very high-quality brands.